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South East Asian Food Welcome to the South East Asian food recipe site. Featured on this site are food recipes from countries of this area. Southeast Asia is a subregion of Asia. It stretches from east of India to the southern border of China and the islands north of Australia.

What can be said about this region is that it is truly a paradise for food lovers. Each country has its own food history much influenced by its culture, religon and history. Vietnamese food for example, retains the flavors of centuries of French occupation. While food in Philippines has the taste of Spanish and American accents. In Malaysia and Indonesia which are muslim countries, pork meals are almost completely eliminated on the menu.

But even if each country has its own food history, they still have much in common. Their foods share many ingredients and the methods of making the food has many similarities. And last but not least, they all share the same good taste.

Our recipes are all from vegtable, seafood, chicken, pork and rice dishes. We are doing our best to make our food recipes simple to follow so it will be easy for you to cook and a pleasure for you to serve. We hope you will enjoy your stay here and that you will learn some cooking essentials on how to make the great tasting South East Asian food. So what more to say than, Happy cooking!

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